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A New Post – About F*cking Time Too

Published May 23, 2012 by marindaliza♥

Hey peeps!

So, I AM still alive!

If you were wondering where I’ve been, check out my blog on here:

Basically, I needed a little R&R after a messy breakup, but I’m back, so hope you’re ready to see more of your favourite party girl again!

I’m going to be posting a lot on what I’ve been up to this past while, where I’ve partied, what I’ve seen, music I like, movies I’ve seen, etc etc… So keep your eyes on this space.

On a total different topic, I’ve finally decided on a hair colour that suits me and now I’m a bright shade of red, which is an awesome colour to stick to in winter (yes it’s winter in South Africa now) as it doesn’t fade as easily.

So yea Redheads have more fun, I’ve decided.

Left: Robyn (my bestie) Right: Yours Truly

You like?

I have a lot of people telling me I should go back to the black, others say I should stick to a chocolate brown. Blegh. I don’t want to be normal. I mean, I’m NOT normal. If I had the time and patience for it I’d be sporting pink and purple hair with one side shaved off a la Cindy Lauper 1985… just saying!

Anyway, I’ll let you get back to your work now…

Cheerio for now!

♥Marinda Liza♥


From Black hair to… ginger?

Published November 29, 2011 by marindaliza♥

Hey peeps, hope you’re all doing well!

 So this is my first ever attempt at doing my own blog, so bear with me here…

Last week was also my very first attempt at doing the whole “blonde” thing after having black hair for almost 3 years. Yea, stupid move, I know, but I’m a terribly impulsive person and, well, as usual, doing something on impulse is a risk I took that nearly cost me losing my hair.

THANK GOSH I didn’t because somehow I don’t think the Sinead O’Connor look would have suited me much…

Anyway, so my sister helped me strip it, but to my horror, the top came out platinum blonde and the tips came out, uh… red. So I looked like a skunk. SO not a good look for me and the chemist where I had bought the stripper (teehee stripper…) had already closed! Luckily I had some Aubyn hair dye lying around, so we then dyed it over my hair… which made me a ginger.

So there you have my excuse. Hopefully I’ll be getting more stripper (teehee!) soon and the blonde will actually show all over my hair, but in the meantime this is what I will look like…


Have a kick-ass Tuesday!